Saturday, March 17, 2007


I got to reading old blogs tonight and decided it's high time I start writing mine again. I am re-arranging my furniture tonight and it feels good for some reason. I think we all need to re-arrange every once in awhile. It really changes my attitude for some reason. I feel...fresher. I hung a mirror up (and I am by no means a mirror-hanger by trade.) My eyes keep drifting leftward waiting for it to crash into a million pieces on the floor.

Tenelle left for London today. It is quiet in the house and I miss her. We had this writer's week at hallmark, and they brought in guest writers and all the people who write the cards shared some of their personal work. I loved every minute of it. I love hearing what people write when they can write about anything.

One group of ladies kind of had a little group and they gave each other themes and they would all write pieces on the same topic over a period of time. They shared pieces from their theme of "houses." All the women wrote about the life of their houses. How they have weird sounds and moods. One woman wrote about the house waking up at night and kind of cradling her. I don't know. It was pretty.

I love my house. I love being in it, and making changes to it. I love thinking about having a family in this house. I want to take care of it as it cradles me.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger betsy whitsitt said...

lookie who i found! my friend from the mountain! i miss you dear one.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Jason said...

Welcome back.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Bobby said...

I must thank you for your blog.
My search started from a movie and a book call "The Freedom Writers Diary (TFWD)." Once I was a comp-sci student in Wichita State University and I was tutoring math to the local middle and high school students. Ashley Post was one of my students. Then I graduated and move to Wisconsin and now I am resided in Minnesota. TFWD made me look and think of my previous teaching passion and wondered about all the students that I tutored and taught. I googled many names (first names), but I remembered Ashely's last name since her last name is identical to my favorite brand of cereal.

Maybe words can't explain what I want to write but it sure was a good picture of Ashley and her boyfriend (perhaps her husband now). The picture took me back to my good old college time that I am missing greatly.

Great blog site BTW.

Best regards,
Bobby Choi


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