Saturday, March 17, 2007


I got to reading old blogs tonight and decided it's high time I start writing mine again. I am re-arranging my furniture tonight and it feels good for some reason. I think we all need to re-arrange every once in awhile. It really changes my attitude for some reason. I feel...fresher. I hung a mirror up (and I am by no means a mirror-hanger by trade.) My eyes keep drifting leftward waiting for it to crash into a million pieces on the floor.

Tenelle left for London today. It is quiet in the house and I miss her. We had this writer's week at hallmark, and they brought in guest writers and all the people who write the cards shared some of their personal work. I loved every minute of it. I love hearing what people write when they can write about anything.

One group of ladies kind of had a little group and they gave each other themes and they would all write pieces on the same topic over a period of time. They shared pieces from their theme of "houses." All the women wrote about the life of their houses. How they have weird sounds and moods. One woman wrote about the house waking up at night and kind of cradling her. I don't know. It was pretty.

I love my house. I love being in it, and making changes to it. I love thinking about having a family in this house. I want to take care of it as it cradles me.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

here I am

what could be more appropriate to welcome me back from my blogging hiatus than this charming coozy (cuzy) (coozee) captured photographically on my latest journey to florida?

we all got a laugh out of this coozy. side note: i don't think i have ever been called upon to give a spelling for "coozy." until this moment, that is. isn't helping me out either. in case you haven't noticed, i have tried to maintain a certain standard of spelling ever since i wrote that blog about "definitely" and other misspelled words. (for instance, I just had to look up "misspelled"). see why having a blog is so much work?

ok i'm being nerdy.

onto something else.

i really love the movie shopgirl. i just rented it from netflix for my 2nd viewing and tears have flown. it is really quite wonderful.

what is not quite wonderful is that i have an ear infection. or swimmer's ear or whatever you call it. it kills.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

do yoursALF a favor and make a friend

just got the season one alf disc from netflix. i don't know how many of you out there are ALF-lovers, (bethany), but if you don't love ALF (jason), i'd like it if you started today.

maybe you're asking yourself, why ALF? why this late in life? isn't it too late for me to begin a personal relationship with ALF? well if you are asking that, the answer is NO.

(to the last question. the answers to the first two are "awesome" and "if not now then when.")

in case you are still questioning, i have taken the liberty of including a shot of someone dearly loved by all of you demonstrating his affections for alf.

i would also like to include some quotes that might give you some insights into the abysmal depths of ALF's character.
here they are now:

ALF: Back home on Melmac, I had a cousin, Pretty Boy Shumway. He was so mean, if he didn’t like your looks, (points at Willy, imitating machine gun sound) ak-ak-ak-ak-ak!
Willy: You mean he’d shoot you if he didn’t like how you looked?!
ALF: No! He’d just point at you and go, "Ak-ak-ak-ak-ak!"

* * *
(Kate refuses ALF, to babysitt Eric.)
ALF: But why, why?!!
Kate: Why? Cause youre irresponsible. You trash the livingroom, blow up the kitchen, wallpapered the shower-
ALF: It was a retonical question!

* * *
ALF: I'm on a new diet. I can eat as much of whatever I want.
Lynn: And you lose weight that way?
ALF: You do?

* * *
(ALF is trying to hypnotize Lucky.)
ALF: You are getting sleepy. You...are no longer a cat. You are a bagel!

Monday, March 20, 2006

it's a war on war

this was my "a word a day" mailing today:

"One more such victory and we are lost," exclaimed Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, as he described his costly success in the battle of Asculum in Apulia. With those words he gave us a metaphor to refer to a victory so costly that it's barely better than defeat.

If we talk to those who lost their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers,
husbands, wives and other loved ones in war, every victory is a Pyrrhic

Pyrrhic victory (PIR-ik VIK-tuh-ree) noun

A victory won at too great a cost.

* * * * * * * * *
This word especially struck a chord with me because this weekend, ryan, tenelle, and I went to see a movie called "Why We Fight," a documentary on America and all the complex systems at work behind our decisions to go to war or not go. The movie is framed around this ominous speech that Eisenhower gave when he left the presidency, warning America about the "military industrial complex" other words...warning them about making war a business.

throughout the movie, they go around asking people off the street why we are at war. everyone kind of has a different answer, a lot of people and some of the children they ask say "freedom." all vague answers though. the most compelling story is of a former police chief whose son was killed in 9/11. he gets so angry that he emails the military and asks that his son's name be painted on a bomb that will, in his mind, strike vengeance on the enemies that caused his son's death. the bomb drops in baghdad...then some time later he hears bush say in an answer to the press that the issues with saddam have nothing to do with 9/11. so the cop is now even angrier. he talks about feeling like the government exploited his feelings of patriotism and revenge to back their own agenda...which had nothing to do with him.

i am not very political, but i thought this movie was very intriguing...(though very ominous).
it was certainly making it's point in a more tasteful and less manipulative fashion than someone like michael moore with farenheit 911.

check out the trailer:

Friday, March 10, 2006


i stumbled upon this. he is a musician who i love, and this is his blog:

seemed to speak right into my heart about my dissatisfaction with my career and how i think things SHOULD be going.

wow. it was so good.

check it out:

Thursday, March 09, 2006

guess who's 1?

mr. wilbur has been alive 367 days! (his bday was tuesday)

let's all give out a simultaneous single clap for wilbur!

Monday, February 27, 2006

blogger's block

hi. lately ive had a case of the blogger's block.

i am tossing around a toy for wilbur that looks like a furry green corn husk with arms and a face.

i am going to think of things i am grateful for. i know i have already devoted past blogs to this activity, but tim keel said once that God's will for our lives can be summed up in one word: gratitude. it's not such a mystery when you think about it like that.

so i am thankful for:
how beautiful it was today. it felt like summer.i love that first taste of warm weather. i had my windows down and music so loud even though i didn't like the song. i am thankful for wilbur and how he has too much skin to fit his body right so he is just a big ball of fur and fat. so cuddly. so flopsy. i am thankful that my mom is coming tomorrow to stay with me. and that my friend keri is in town who i haven't seen in 4 years since we were 3 months into the hardest summer of our lives with misquito bites everywhere and running on 4 hours sleep. when we finally got off work from the camp, we bought flip flops from walmart (boo) that lit up when you stepped and we made up a night dance. she is amazing. she is so fun. so full of God.

i love god. i love that he is so big. and i am thankful that he is always new to me. yet neverchanging. i am thankful for how he shows me himself in other people. and in books. and in silence.

i read all these articles on the quarterlife crisis in my cubicle today because i really wonder sometimes if i am the only one that can be feeling this way. i know i am not. it was good to hear that this is an actual syndrome that has earned enough popularity to actually be named. i know everyone is lost and looking. trying to figure out what the adult version of themselves looks like. it is comforting to know everyone faces this. but it is hard. too hard, almost.

some days i just want to quit straining and say this is it. this is going to be me. no more development. no more goals. and i will sit home watching full house reruns and dallas and making waffles and taking my dog for long walks. and i'll paint and draw and make up stories all day. and hang out with god and with my friends. and that's it. wilbur and the corn husk just gave the nod to this plan.

so it's official.

at least til 830 tomorrow am.

ps. this lovely lady pictured above is done by the late and great margaret kilgallen.